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       The college has a well-stocked library equipped with latest medical and dental books of all specialties and Journals including international journals. Students will find that there is no dearth of good books to advance his knowledge.

Library Rules

1.   All the students and staffs  of the college shall become members of the library.

2.   The book issue counter will be closed  15 minutes prior to the closing  of the library hour.

3.   Students are expected to be co-operative in keeping the library neat, tidy and orderly

4.   Strict silence and discipline must be maintained in the library.

5.   Those who enter the library should sign the register kept at the entrance.

6.   Students should not wear overcoat inside the library.

7.   The library will not accept responsibility for loss or misplacement  of any personal belonging

8.   Journals, Newspapers, Magazines should be read only inside the library.

9.   Books will be issued only on production of identify cards. Members are responsible for the books borrowed on their ID cards. Loss of identity cards must be prompty reported to the librarian. Duplicate ID cards will be issued on payment.

10. A student is permitted to borrow only two books at a time.

11. Books taken out by students shall not be retained for more than 7 days. Failure to return a book on the due  date entitles a fine as decided by college council.

12. Books stamped “ reference only” are not allowed to be taken away from the Library without permission

13.  Transfer / sub lending of books is strictly prohibited. Making, underlining etc in any book / magazines is forebidden.

14. All library books & cards must be returned before the end of each year. Clearance from the  library is required  before  getting hall ticket.

15. Use of mobile phones are prohibited inside the library.

16. The Librarian has the right to request a user to leave  the premises if he/she is found to be violating any of the Library rules.