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  • 2 NIMS Service with a smile
  • 3 NIMS Service with a smile
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NIMS College Of Nursing


         NIMS  as it stands today, is the realization of the dreams of its dynamic chairman Dr. A.P Majeed khan, what began as a dream to provide medical excellence to the millions of people who perished simply because essential medical care, turned out to be a saga of successfully committed to “putting patients” first  The tiny seed that was sown by our beloved chairman Dr. A.P Majeed khan has grown in to mammoth proportions and NIMS has spread its wings not only in kerala, but also to the other states of the country, and to the world across seas,

     NIMS College of Nursing is attached to NIMS hospital which is a 350 bedded super specialty  hospital awarded with the ISO 900/- 2000 certificate which has 40 departments  with 20 specialty is and 20 super specialties which include well developed Heart Foundation Unit, Nephrology, Gastro enterology, Respiratory medicine, Pediatric Surgery, modern well equipped operation theatre, Neurology, Psychiatry, Obstetric and Gynaecology, Neonatology, Trauma care and Blood bank.

   What makes NIMS  outstanding in all its endeavors is the personalized care that is given to the patients. The nurses are the pride of NIMS and their motto ‘Service with a smile’ is meticulously

Translated in to action while serving the sick.

     NIMS College of Nursing quickly grew in to a premier nursing institute in kerala only by the seed of desire sown with dedication and nurtured with concerted effort sprouted by our Managing Director Mr. Faizal khan.


NIMS College of Nursing

    NIMS college of Nursing has been credited for “putting patients first” and following moto  “Love to serve”.

   NIMS College of Nursing started functioning in the year 2009 with an annual intake of 40 B.Sc Nursing students with consistent high standards of excellence aimed by the institution in accordance with Chairman Dr. A.P Majeed khan and Managing Director Mr. Faizal khan,  carefully selected teaching faculty  faculty with meritorious accomplishments,

      we have started post graduate degree programme (M.Sc Nursing) in the branch of Medical Surgical Nursing (cardio thoracic)


On completion of the nursing programme, the graduates will be able to,

1. Identify & apply knowledge from physical, biological & behavioral science & nursing in providing nursing care to individual, families & communities
2. Provide professional nursing care to individual & families in any kind of health care setting, applying scientific principles & nursing process.
3. Evaluate the care given & makes appropriate improvement to render comprehensive and holistic health care
4. Demonstrate leadership qualities & maximum skill in problem solving & decision making in various levels of professional practice.
5. Utilize the latest trends & technology in providing health care.
6. Demonstrate basic skills in teaching, administration, supervision, research & therapeutic communication.
7. Develop motivation for ongoing learning, for one’s own personal & professional improvement.
8. Practice ethical & moral values & principles in one’s personal professional life.
9. Conduct need based Research studies & utilize various evidence based Research findings to improve the quality of care.